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1. June 9-10, 2018  Battle at Monmouth

2. June 16-17 Future Legends Boonton, NJ

3. July 1 Tournament Brick , NJ

4. July 14-15 Hershey, PA  Lacrosse Tournament

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Please remember the fundamental difference between DK Lacrosse and EVERY other travel program in New Jersey…DK Lacrosse has no interest in making money. The goal of Dark Knight Lacrosse is to provide a way to maximize the potential of our lacrosse players while learning the game of lacrosse and having fun! ONCE AGAIN, DK LACROSSE IS NOT DOING THIS TO MAKE MONEY IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. This is what makes Dark Knight Lacrosse different from every other travel team in the state of New Jersey.

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